Changing Schools at 11+

We aim to provide as much support as possible during this time.  Communication between parents and the school is vital to ensure every child reaches his or her potential and gains a place at a school which is best suited to his or her needs.

This begins in Year 5 in the autumn term with an initial presentation outlining the process.  Some written information will be given out at this stage including a timeline which will assist those parents who have not been through this experience previously.

A follow up where parents meet individually with relevant staff takes place in February.  At this meeting more detailed discussion will take place regarding your choices of schools and we will give our advice and guidance on the suitability of these schools for your child and make any further recommendations.

Further parent consultation evenings are held in Year 6 autumn term to discuss core subjects and the summer term for non-core subjects.

Any queries should, in the first instance, be discussed with the Form Teacher. 

In addition, bi-annually we host a Secondary Transfer Fair where many of the independent schools in the area are invited to Reddiford so that our parents can talk informally to their admissions teams/Head Teachers.  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents of Years 4, 5 and 6 children to receive information and see what schools are available.

We have a wealth of experience at Reddiford and we aim to make this process a straightforward one.

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