Clubs: There are a number of lunchtime and after school clubs available to children.  Please see the School office for details.

Music:  Throughout their school life the children are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular musical activities. Individual lessons in piano, guitar, brass and woodwind are available, or the children may wish to join the recorder group or the school choir.
A charge is made for individual, group and shared instrumental lessons.

The school choir performs on numerous occasions throughout the year and in the spring term we have an annual festival, where the children are invited to perform on their chosen instrument.   Children will be asked to take an audition to assess their suitability.

Childcare Vouchers

Parents can use childcare vouchers for school fees , whilst a child is in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  From year one upwards, childcare vouchers can only be used for payment of before school or after school clubs or activities. 

We are registered with the majority of childcare voucher providers and will always register with new childcare voucher providers, if helpful to a parent.

Certain childcare vouchers require a reference number for Reddiford School.  No childcare voucher providers require a reference specific to either Early Years, Pre Prep or Prep departments, as the following reference numbers cover all departments of Reddiford School (regardless if the Reddiford account with the childcare voucher provider has "nursery" prefixed to the short name).

We are registered with the following providers, this is not an exhaustive list, below are the most common providers:

  • Computer Share Voucher Services - carer reference number 014303352
  • Eden red - carer reference number P240999
  • Childcare plus (PES)  - no specific carer reference number
  • Sodexho - carer reference number 133711
  • Busy Bees - no specific reference number
  • Care4 - carer reference number - 44020266
  • Kiddi vouchers - no specific carer reference number
  • All save Limited - no specific reference number
  • You at Work (YAW) - no specific reference number
  • RG Childcare - no specific reference number
  • Fair care Childcare Vouchers - no specific reference number
  • Fideliti Childcare Vouchers - no specific reference number
  • Stars