School Fees for academic year 2019/20

Please click below for the school fees from September 2019.
The school fees are due in advance on or before the first day of term. Outstanding fees will attract interest at the rate of 5% per month, which starts accruing 31 days from the invoice date. 

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Childcare Vouchers

Parents can use childcare vouchers for school fees , whilst a child is in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  From year one upwards, childcare vouchers can only be used for payment of before school or after school clubs or activities. 

We are registered with the majority of childcare voucher providers and will always register with new childcare voucher providers, if helpful to a parent.

Certain childcare vouchers require a reference number for Reddiford School.  No childcare voucher providers require a reference specific to either Early Years, Pre Prep or Prep departments, as the following reference numbers cover all departments of Reddiford School (regardless if the Reddiford account with the childcare voucher provider has "nursery" prefixed to the short name).

We are registered with the following providers, this is not an exhaustive list, below are the most common providers:

  • Computer Share Voucher Services - carer reference number 014303352
  • Eden red - carer reference number P240999 Childcare plus (PES)  - no specific carer reference number
  • Sodexho - carer reference number 133711
  • Busy Bees - no specific reference number
    Care4 - carer reference number - 44020266
  •  Kiddi vouchers - no specific carer reference number
  • All save Limited - no specific reference number
  • You at Work (YAW) - no specific reference number
  • RG Childcare - no specific reference number
  •  Fair care Childcare Vouchers - no specific reference number
  • Fideliti Childcare Vouchers - no specific reference number
  • Government Tax-Free Childcare Voucher scheme - regulator reference 102253
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Enhanced Recommend a Friend Scheme

We are always delighted when parents recommend Reddiford School to their friends and family for their children. 

In recognition of this, we reward parents with the following “Recommend a Friend” discount when a child they have recommended to us, firstly registers with Reddiford School and secondly, takes up an offered place and joins Reddiford School.

To this end, parents who recommend Reddiford to their family and friends for their child, receive the following one off discount payments will be effective from the 1st September 2017:

1) £100 when a prospective parent of a recommended child completes the registration process for the child to join us (this is credited to the invoice of the parents who recommended the child, on  the invoice after the prospective child has registered).

2) £900 when the recommended child joins Reddiford School (this is credited to the invoice of the parents who recommended the child, on the invoice after the child has actually joined).

Thank you to all our parents, who recommend Reddiford School as their school of choice, by word of mouth.  Your commitment to the Reddiford Family is very much appreciated.

Sibling Discount

Families that have three children attending the school at the same time, are entitled to a discount of £250 per child per term. Sibling Discount

Personal Accident Scheme Insurance

All pupils are automatically enrolled into the Personal Accident Scheme and billed for this insurance termly.  The termly charge is £6.20.  Please see the attached link for information on the insurance.  Due to regulatory compliance we are not able to opt out individual parents and all parents are required to have this cover.  Any questions should be referred to the School Bursar.


Reference Charges

In line with the Parent Code of Practice, £250 charge will be levied when a reference/report is completed for a child (for transfer to another school), before the secondary transfer stage. The charge of £250 for each report will be added to the school fees.

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