Reddiford U9 Football v Buckingham Prep

Thursday 29 November 2018

A Team

Squad: Yuv, Abinash, Anton, Neel, Iain, Vihaan, Shyan and Adi

The match was played at a high tempo with both teams trying to get forward at every opportunity. Reddiford took a two goal lead but Buckingham brought the score back to 2-2 by half time. In the second half, Buckingham had greater possesssion and because of their greater experience managed to scare a late winning goal, making the final score 3-2 to Buckingham.

Both Reddiford goals were scored by Vihaan and Anton was man of the match although Yuv, in goal, deserves a special mention. Everybody that took part should be congratulated on a very good team performance.

B Team

Squad: Abhirath, Shayan, Aryan, Khayal, Rishane, Rishi, Josh and Sochi

The match was played at a frantic pace, with the Reddiford attack (made up of our Year 3 players) causing numerous problems for the opposition. Rishi and Sochi tirelessly passed throughout, frequently winning the ball high up the pitch. Josh showed excellent attacking positioning, always finding space and was unlucky not to score on several occasions.

The Reddiford defense (made up of our Year 4 players) showed intelligence and discipline in holding their shape and ensuring they were not exposed to many counter attacks from Buckingham. Khayal particularly enjoyed the role, making crucial interceptions and tackles whilst always being available for a teammate to pass to. He also communicated well with his fellow defenders, Shayan and Aryan, who both followed his example and had similarly impressive performances.

With the score still at 0-0, Abhirath demonstrated his excellent shot-stopping capabilities in making two impressive saves. Despite having a quiet match, his focus never dipped and he was always ready when called upon.

Reddiford's hard work payed off, with Rishi and Rishane scoring two goals apiece. The goals were well  earned, with the attackers linking up brilliantly throughout the match, showing their excellent chemistry.

The score ended 4-0 to Reddiford.

The man of the match was awarded to Rishane. He displayed great maturity and awareness throughout, always seeming to be in the right place to support an attack or to aid the defence. His composure on the ball, combined with his technical ability, allowed him to orchestrate the match and ensure his team came out on top.

  • Stars