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Reddiford School has given me numerous fond memories. One of the most memorable was Speech Day – the annual ceremony to commemorate everyone’s achievements. The excitement that we all felt as we sat in the hall waiting for our names to be announced – used to be exhilarating; and the joy we felt if one of us got a prize, was all-consuming. Another memorable chapter was the Inter-House competitions among the 3 houses; Wellington, Nelson and Churchill competed throughout the year in events like Swimming galas, Sports day, Science Quiz and many more extra-curricular activities!  Partnering with my class-mates to plan winning strategies helped us establish a sense of camaraderie and teamwork and inevitably brought us closer.

Reddiford School has unarguably been one of the most significant chapters of my childhood and it has taught me a lot. One of the most helpful lessons I have learnt here is the importance of Discipline. The teachers here have always been supportive and kind, but at the same time, have made me a more responsible individual. The routine of being set regular homework, has ultimately made handling assignments in secondary school so much easier for me. Moreover, the clear expectation around handing your work back on time, has helped me respect deadlines and understand the importance of time management – a vital life skill.

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