November 27, 2020

Terms starts for all pupils on 9th September 2020

November 27, 2020
Reddiford School, in line with government guidelines, will be fully open to all year groups from 9th September. A great deal of planning has been undertaken to ensure that both pupils and staff follow social distancing and personal hygiene rules, whilst touch points and surfaces are sanitised regularly.

NHS Childcare Provision

November 27, 2020

Throughout the Summer Term of 2020, Reddiford School managed to keep the doors open to support children of key workers who were and are still at the very forefront of the battle against Covid-19. We are proud and grateful to the staff who volunteered to come in to School to provide this important and crucial service for our NHS during what would have been their Easter Break.

Learning at Home

November 27, 2020

During the Summer Term teachers developed a full timetable of virtual lessons and activities. Our pupils were fully engaged in learning as a result of the excellent online provision developed by our teachers and staff.

The gallery below shows examples of pupils’ work as well as as ways in which they stayed positive and healthy.

May I take this opportunity to wish you well and we look forward to welcoming all pupils back into school for the start of a brand new term on September 9th 2020.

Mrs J M Batt

A Message from Reddiford’s Head Boy & Head Girl 
16 May 2020

Show My Homework Galleries

November 27, 2020

We are very proud to be able to show some examples of the work our pupils completed at home whilst the school buildings were closed.

Mrs J M Batt

Learning at Home Testimonials

5 June 2020

I wanted to our convey our thanks to the teachers and staff for all your efforts in keeping the children safe.
Our daughter has really enjoyed SMHW platform in the time we have had to homeschool too. Thanks to Miss Lloyd and any others involved in setting the tasks. She is also very happy to be back at school and seeing the staff and her friends.

18 May 2020

“We are really grateful for the support extended to our child by the school and her teachers through the lockdown and also appreciate the work the staff will have to continue doing to make the school environment safe as the children return to school. Thanks again for the wonderful support.”

18 May 2020

“Please can I also take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all of the Reddiford staff who have been working so hard to ensure that our children have had access to a wide variety of learning activities online.  Our son has been engaged with and excited by his daily work.  I appreciate how much work is involved in creating these resources and reviewing the work completed.  The school has exceeded my (already high!) expectations and I’m very grateful for the support you have provided.”

7 May 2020

“I would just like to say a huge thank you for everything that you are doing. I can’t even begin to imagine the stress you must have been feeling but from mine and my daughters point view, we are incredibly grateful. Thank you for the opportunity to experience teaching and learning in a new way and for giving us support to get through such a hard time. I have attached two messages from children which show that the efforts we have made as a school are sufficient to meet their needs temporarily. A lot of parents have expressed great positivity which makes me feel proud. My daughter is also thoroughly enjoying her home learning. I guess I am feeling proud of what we have achieved so far and wanted to share that with you all.”

Other Testimonials

15 May 2020 –  (Parent)

Dear Teachers and all Staff at Redifford,

Thank you for all your extra efforts to continue to provide an outstanding education to our children during this challenging time. I would like to feedback that the Show My Homework platform is working really well, and is easy for our son to follow. Also, he particularly looks forward to speaking to the Year 5  teaching staff, so thank you for the regular phone calls that brighten his day. 

Wish you and your families a safe and restful half term.

21 March 2020 –  (Parent)

I write to you in thanks for the support from the school for essential key workers. This is a testing time for us all and yet I am very impressed in how Reddiford School has responded. By taking away the pressure I would otherwise have of childcare, you are providing me with a safe, secure option for my child, allowing me to focus on my job.

The generosity of providing this initial care, at a time when the pupils would be on holiday, for no extra cost has humbled me. Reddiford have truly set an example of what other care settings should be doing at a time when we all need to pull together.

It has reinforced my belief that we have chosen the correct should for our daughter, teaching the right morals, values and principles and showcasing a sense of community. This to me, is far more important than any academic teachings.

My sincerest thanks to all of the staff members at the school who are helping to make this happen.

8 April 2020 –  (Parent)

Thank you very much for this email and the support being shown to NHS frontline workers by Reddiford school – it is greatly appreciated.

8 April 2020 –  (Parent)

We want to do everything we can during this time to support the school as well and hope our decision reduces the risk school staff are being put at. We appreciate that some parents may have had their jobs and income affected, but we will continue to support the school financially in every way we can and expect our usual school fees bill for next term to be sent to us to pay in full to ensure the school can retain your excellent staff and premises.

9 April 2020 –  (Parent)

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Reddiford for staying open, supporting NHS workers at this very difficult and unsettling time. This has been a huge help as you are making it much easier for me to work and help patients in the wider health system. 

This is incredibly kind of you and you have my full support. Reddiford is a very special place, where children thrive and learn in an encouraging and nurturing environment. The academic achievement is outstanding.

15 April 2020 –  (Parent)

We would like to thank all of the staff for looking after our child. During this difficult time for all of us. Your help has been invaluable. 

15 April 2020 –  (Managing Director – Darwin Group)

Thank you for the kind words in the Reddiford Read. Again, we appreciate the support and warmth that Reddiford are giving us!

Gym Project

14 April 2020

The gym project is very nearly finished. A large capital investment by the School, for the direct benefit of all parents and children across the School both present and future. Unfortunately, due to the covid 19 national emergency and lock down, Total Gas & Power were sadly unable to complete their final bit of power work before lockdown. Total Gas & Power are now solely undertaking emergency covid 19 work, as are our construction company Darwin Construction, in line with Government guidelines and emergency requirements. Darwin Construction are currently working tirelessly on 24 hour shifts, building critical covid 19 wards, in a number of NHS Trusts across the country. We are proud that they are doing this work at a time of national crisis and lockdown to help the public and our NHS. Darwin Construction have assured us that the final stage of the construction will be completed as soon as it can after the lockdown has ceased. We look forward to using these splendid facilities immensely, when we can, which will add to the teaching and learning of our pupils and the enjoyment of all stakeholders.