Early Years Department

Reddiford Early Years Department caters for children from rising three to five years. It provides a stimulating and attractive environment with a commitment to ensuring that children are safe and happy.

The children are given new and challenging experiences which ignites their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and prepares them for future academic excellence.

Provision is made for the children to develop at their own pace and as a result, they quickly excel. Our ethos is to ensure that all our children reach their full academic potential at this early stage.

The curriculum followed in Pre School 1 & 2 and Reception classes comprises the seven areas of learning and development, which is taken from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This then extends into elements of the KS1 curriculum where appropriate.

Our Reception classes are taught by fully qualified specialist teachers. Children in the Early Years Department are taught and cared for by highly qualified and experienced staff with all children being allocated a Key Person. Pupils are also taught PE, ICT, Music, Art and French by Specialist Teachers.

Pre-Prep Department

The Pre Prep department (Years 1 & 2) builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the Early Years. An emphasis is placed on developing confidence and the capacity to learn and work independently or together, in a happy secure environment.

Outstanding pastoral care is provided and we endeavour to instil a love of learning through inspirational teaching. We have highly qualified Teaching Assistants in all classes. Specialist teaching also facilitates their enhanced learning in many subjects.

The children follow a bespoke curriculum that is enhanced by specialist teaching in a number of areas. These include: Computing, Music, French, PE and Games, Swimming and Art. Elements of the KS1 National Curriculum are addressed and this extends into KS2 expectations.

Prep Department

Reddiford Prep Department (Years 3 – 6) aims to encourage lifelong learning through the experience and knowledge of a team of specialist teachers. We have a tradition of high academic success within a caring ethos, which in turn ensures a managed transition to prestigious senior schools.

Teaching Assistants continue to support classes in all curriculum areas, thus ensuring a high staff to pupil ratio is maintained.

The Department also has a dedicated Science Laboratory, Gym, Art, Music Technology and ICT rooms.

The curriculum followed in these year groups is drawn from the KS2 National Curriculum, extending into elements of KS3 as a provision for our Able and Talented children. Subjects followed include – Mathematics, English & Drama, Science, Reasoning, French (Y3-Y4), Latin (Y5-Y6), ICT, RE & Philosophy, Art, Music, History, Geography, Games, PE and PSHEE. As children progress through the upper school their subjects are increasingly taught by Specialist Teachers.  

After sitting their entrance examinations for secondary schools, Year 6 pupils embark on a revised curriculum programme (in which French is also reintroduced, along with First Aid and Financial Management), to help them adjust for the demands of secondary school. Preparation for the KS2 Maths & English SATs examinations also takes place.


Reddiford school is fully inclusive with all children taking active part in a variety of indoor and outdoor games throughout the year. The curriculum is delivered by specialist teachers in all departments, through the use of excellent local amenities and a modern fully equipped gym.

In the Prep department all pupils are given the opportunity to expand their physical fitness and co-ordination skills through an in depth focus on team and individual sports. These include football, hockey, cricket, netball, unihoc, cross country, tennis, tag rugby, rugby, athletics, rounders, golf and gymnastics. Regular fixtures are undertaken with local schools and all children are encouraged to compete.

In the Pre -Prep department, there is a comprehensive physical education programme of which swimming lessons are an integral part and swimming galas are regularly held. Inter-School and House galas are also held in the Prep department.

Additionally, there is a wide range of extra-curricular sporting activities available throughout the school- see Parents Portal for further details.

Music & Drama

Music and Drama forms an important part of life at Reddiford School. Every pupil is given the opportunity to take active part in the performing arts curriculum and we endeavour to create confident, articulate learners through Music and Drama performances.

All pupils are encouraged to learn to play instruments and individual lessons in piano, guitar, brass and woodwind are available by specialist music teachers. Children may also wish to join the recorder group or the school choir. A charge is made for individual, group and shared instrumental lessons. Please speak to departmental secretaries for further details.

The school choirs perform on numerous occasions throughout the year at school and outside community events. Throughout the school year there are many opportunities for the children to perform as a class, in groups or individually.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Reddiford School is committed to ensuring the very best education for all children through the provision of a range of lunch time and extended day activities, both before and after school.


Clubs on offer in the Prep Department include Art, Chess, Current Affairs, Drama, Electronic Coding, ICT, Languages (Mandarin & Spanish), Meditation, Origami, Science, Board Games, Scrabble and Sports (Football, Cricket, Netball, Rounders, Golf, Table Tennis, Karate, Multi-skills).

For full schedule and charges please see Parent’s Portal.

There are also a number of booster clubs and Able and Talented session in the Prep department children. Children are invited to these if it is felt it will be of benefit to their education. Parents will be notified of these individually.

Early Club Facilities

Early Club is available at all three sites from 7.55am to 8.25am.

Extended Day Facilities

Extended Day Provision is offered across all sites to 6pm – Monday to Friday.

In the Prep Department at Cecil Park (Year 3 – Year 6), there is extended day provision from 3.45/4.00 until 6.00pm and the focus of this facility will be to provide a quiet and supportive atmosphere in which a Prep child can complete their set homework. If the children have no homework or they finish their homework early, they will be kept engaged with a range of quiet activities. 

In the Lower School, the extended day activities follow a different area of the curriculum each evening.

Some parents may wish their child to stay every day or regular selected days. Some may just like to use this facility when it best suits their busy lives. This can be arranged by telephoning the department secretary on or before the day.

Additional Support

Whilst all children that attend Reddiford will have passed an educational and social assessment there may be times when they will benefit from some additional support. This is provided by teachers or specialist teaching assistant either on a one to one basis or in small focus groups- see Learning Support Policy.

Children that display an enhanced ability in academic subjects or art, sport or music may be placed on the Able and Talented Register. These children will be provided with focused sessions and additional support by the subject coordinator-see Able and Talented Policy.

Curriculum Overviews

For more detailed curriculum information please see the curriculum overviews download links below.

SMSC Curriculum Overview

Fundamental British Values Curriculum Overview

  • Fundamental British Values Overview.docx

    Doc File

e-Safety Curriculum Overview

  • E-Safety Overview.docx

    Doc File

Curriculum Overview for Pre School

  • Pre School Autumn Term.docx

    Doc File

  • Pre School Spring Term.docx

    Doc File

  • Pre School Summer Term.docx

    Doc File

Curriculum Overview for Pre School F and Pre School W

  • Pre School F and W Autumn Term.doc


  • Pre School F and W Spring Term.doc


  • Pre School F and W Summer Term.doc


Curriculum Overview for Reception

Curriculum Overview for Year 1

Curriculum Overview for Year 2

Curriculum Overview for Year 3

Curriculum Overview for Year 4

Curriculum Overview for Year 5

  • Year 5 Autumn 1 & 2.doc


  • Year 5 Spring 1 & 2.doc


  • Year 5 Summer 1 & 2.docx

    Doc File

Curriculum Overview for Year 6