Term Dates

Autumn Term 2021
Term BeginsWednesday 8th September
Half Term18th October – 29th October (inclusive)
Term EndsFriday 10th December
(EYD 12.00)
(Pre-Prep 12.15)
(Prep 12.30)
Spring Term 2022
Term BeginsThursday 6th January 2022
Half Term14th – 18th February (inclusive)
Term EndsWednesday 23rd March
(EYD 12.00)
(Pre Prep 12.15)
(Prep 12.30)
Summer Term 2022
Term BeginsWednesday 20th April
Bank HolidayMonday 2nd May
INSETFriday 27th May
Half Term30th May - 3rd June (inclusive)
Term EndsWednesday 13th July
(EYD 12.00)
(Pre-Prep 12.15)
(Prep 12.30)

Timings of the School Day

DepartmentSupervision starts / Gates openStart timeHome time
Early Years8.30am8.45am3.15pm

Children are supervised by members of staff when the gates open. You are asked not to engage the staff in conversation, as their main concern during this time is your child’s safety. You may, of course, leave a message for your child’s teacher at this time. 

It is most important that parents are punctual, children easily become worried if they are not collected on time.

Early Club & Extended Day

There is an extended day facility until 6.00pm each night where children will be supervised while they complete their homework and then engage in an activity.

Some of you may wish your child to stay every day or regular selected days.  In this case please see the school office at the beginning of the term for a form.  Some may just like to use this facility when it best suits your busy lives.  This can be arranged by using the telephone numbers below.

DepartmentEarly Club TimingsExtended Day
Early Years8.00am - 8.30am3.30pm - 6.00pm
Pre-Prep7.55am - 8.25am3.45pm - 6.00pm
Prep7.55am - 8.25am4.00pm - 6.00pm
DepartmentEarly Club & Extended Day Bookings Telephone Number
Early Years0208 866 1204
Pre-Prep0208 429 8139
Prep0208 866 0660


Parents do not have an automatic right to take a child from School for holiday purposes. Permission must be obtained in advance.

Holidays must be planned during school holiday time to avoid disruption to your child’s education, which is always adversely affected by such absence. The Headteacher may not grant a leave request for the purpose of a family holiday except in exceptional circumstances.

If a child is kept away for longer than the period agreed, the additional time will normally be treated as unauthorised. Similarly, if a child is taken away without prior written permission, this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

These arrangements are made in accordance with the Education (Schools and Further Education) Regulations 1981 and guidance issued by the Department for Education ‘School Attendance: Policy and Practice on Categorisation of Absence’.

Medical appointments should be made out of school time, however, if this is not possible a letter must be provided to the form teacher prior to the appointment. Any child returning from illness etc, must be accompanied by a note. If arriving at school late for any reason, a child must register first with the school office. 


All children bring a packed lunch to school (no hot food please). Children may also bring in a fruit snack at break time which should be placed in a separate container from their lunch and taken to the classroom on their way to morning registration.


Any prescribed medicine, which is required to be taken during the school day, must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and given to the School Nurse by the parent, together with a completed Medication Permission Slip. Medicines must never be put into a lunch boxStaff will not administer non-prescription medicines such as Calpol.  Children who have a raised temperature should not be in school until their temperature has been normal for 24 hours. 
Children who have vomited or had diarrhoea should not return before 48 hours after the last dose of any medication used to relieve any symptoms prior to returning to school, as your child may be a latent carrier of a bug or virus

School Uniform

Please see our full school uniform list.  Children are expected to be in full school uniform, apart from sports and gym days.  Please ensure that all articles of clothing are clearly named.  Years 3 and 4 have games on a Tuesday afternoon, Year 5 and 6 on a Thursday afternoon.  On these days and their gym days the children come into school in their PE kit, fleece and cagoule during wet weather.

For Health & Safety reasons, children are not allowed to wear jewellery, including earrings or religious adornments.

Additional Equipment

Children from Year 3 upwards should have a Comprehensive Oxford Pocket Dictionary, a maths set and pencil case.

Listed below are the items required for your child’s pencil case. It would be appreciated if parents would check their child’s pencil case and replenish as necessary at the start of each new term, at half term and just before exams. All items to be named if possible.

Must Have

  • Blue ink pens and refills (Berol/Frixion/Stabilo)
  • HB pencil and sharpener
  • Clear (transparent) plastic shatter proof 15cm ruler and 30cm ruler
  • Soft white rubber
  • Small set of coloured pencils i.e. twelve colours
  • White Glue Stick
  • Highlighter pens (Years 5 and 6 only)
  • Fine black pen (for art lessons)
  • Zip up pencil case that can contain all of the above with the possible exception of the 30cm ruler

Must Not Have

  • Tipex / liquid paper
  • Liquid glue
  • Fountain pens & cartridges
  • Bottled ink


Forms 3-6 have homework set every day and a homework timetable and diary are provided.  Parents are asked to check the child’s homework and sign the diary accordingly.

Year GroupMinutes per subjectPractice Papers
(Mathematics, English & Reasoning)
Year 320 - 40 minutes
Year 440 minutes
Year 540 minutes60 minutes
Year 640 minutes60 minutes

The children in Year 5 (summer term only) and Year 6 receive English, Mathematics and Reasoning homework, until all of their 11+ entrance exams have finished in the spring term.  After this time they then start to receive homework from all other curriculum subjects on a regular basis.


Reports will be sent home for each child regularly.  Please see Parent Communication grid.

Parents Evenings

A consultation evening is held regularly.  Appointments are approximately for ten minutes and should you need a longer appointment this may be arranged in conjunction with the class teacher.

Contact with Staff

All staff are as approachable as possible and parents are encouraged to talk to them whenever necessary, no matter how small the problem may seem.  A quick word with a teacher on a minor matter can be held informally before or after school, but please check with a member of the office staff first.  If they are not available, an appointment can be made at a mutually convenient time. 
Please communicate using the children’s diaries for formal meetings.

Assessments (Years 3 to 6)

All these Forms have an examination in the summer term.  Forms 3, 4, 5 & 6 have tests every half term in core subjects and some non-core subjects.


French is taught in years 1 – 4 and Latin is taught in years 5 and 6. We find that children benefit greatly from studying Latin as it reinforces the English language and provides the foundation for learning other languages at secondary school. French is also taught in the last term of Year 6. Mandarin and Spanish are offered as after school activities.

Major Functions

Speech Day is held at the end of the School year in July.  On this major occasion it is expected that every pupil and their parents will be present.  There are various other events to which parents and grandparents are most welcome.  These include Sports Days, Carol Services, Harvest Festivals, Concerts, Drama Productions and all are welcome to attend sports fixtures.

Outings & Trips

The Prep Department go on many outings throughout the year and the children enjoy workshops that come to school.  If there is a charge it will be added to your invoice.  In Year 6 the children go away for a residential trip, which is an integral part of the curriculum.

Changing School at 11+

We aim to provide as much support as possible during this time.  Communication between parents and the school is vital to ensure every child reaches his or her potential and gains a place at a school which is best suited to his or her needs.

This begins in Year 5 autumn term with an initial meeting outlining the process.  A follow up meeting where parents meet individually with relevant staff takes place in February with further meetings in the summer term and autumn term of Year 6.   Any queries should, in the first instance, be discussed with the Form Teacher.

School Calendar


Prep Department

Tel: 020 8866 0660

Pre-Prep Department

Tel: 020 8429 8139

Early Years Department

Tel: 020 8866 1204