The History of Reddiford School

Reddiford Prep School was 100 years old in September 2013 and the staff and pupils past and present, together with governors and parents celebrated the anniversary by holding a variety of events. A centenary book was also produced and a copy of this was given to all pupils, staff and governors.

The very first pupils of Reddiford School circa 1913
The staff of Reddiford School (1938)

The Founders of Reddiford School

The school was founded on its present Cecil Park site by William and Harold White, two brothers from Devon, who opened Reddiford School together with their mother on 21st September 1913; there were just five pupils on roll. The name Reddiford originates from the old English ‘reedy ford’ which described a shallow stream reputed never to run dry situated in Postbridge, Dartmoor close to the White family home.

Mrs White stood on Postbridge, Dartmoor. The river was known as 'Reedy Ford'

Miss Emmeline Mary White

Emmeline Mary White, youngest member of the family, subsequently became Headmistress of the newly established Reddiford School which proceeded to flourish under her headship. In 1935 the adjoining house was purchased in order to accommodate the growing number of pupils and an additional five classrooms became available, with a sixth being built in the garden. The picture shows Mrs White and her staff outside Reddiford School in 1938.

Mrs White & Staff 1938
Miss E M White (Headmistress 1940-1973) & Mr H W White (Founder)

Reddiford in 1931

School Visits in the 1950s

School Visit to Folkestone in 1950
School Visit to Folkestone in 1950
School Visit to Folkestone in 1950
School Visit to The Tower of London in 1959

Reddiford in 1959

The Friends of Reddiford 1960

1960 Friends of Reddiford Association Fete

The Death of Miss and Mr White

1970 Miss White

The Growth of Reddiford School​

The Second World War brought about inevitable change to the school’s development, with many of the pupils being evacuated, and staff enlisted to the Home Guard; however, the family atmosphere which had prevailed previously soon resumed after the war due to the determination of Miss White and her staff together with the parents who had grown to value the warm and caring ethos that had made Reddiford so popular. Following Miss White’s death in 1972 a new classroom was built as a memorial to the woman who had worked tirelessly to create a successful school. In accordance with the wishes of the White family the school became a Charitable Trust in 1973.

Reddiford School 1958
Reddiford School 1983
A new set of classrooms are built in the 1990's giving much needed extra space for the increasing numbers of pupils
A 'New' School Gym opened in 1983 which is now being replaced with a state of the art gym which will open in 2020

Over the course of the ensuing years the school has grown and developed. Reddiford currently sits on three sites; the original site in Cecil Park where pupils in years 3 to 6 are taught, and the Marsh Road site which accommodates years 1 and 2. In 2007 a former clinic on Cecil Park was acquired by the school and has been refurbished to a high standard to provide a purpose -built facility for the pre-school and Reception pupils aged 3 to 5.

An early prospectus stated that the school’s aim was to provide high quality education which would enable each child to develop to their full potential, with particular emphasis being placed on courtesy and self-discipline. Today, more then a century on, Reddiford’s aims have remained the same, undeterred by the passage of time and today’s ever changing society.

The Building of the New Extension that opened in 1998


Reddiford School Celebrates Christmas


Reddiford School Celebrates The Royal Wedding in 1981

Reddiford School Celebrates The Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002

The Early Years Department Opens in 2008

Opening by John Nickolay, Mayor of Harrow
The Reddiford School Choir Perform
The Celebrations Start

Reddiford School Celebrates The Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012

Reddiford School Centenary Celebrations

In 2013 Reddiford School marked the centenary of  it’s founding  in style. Pupils celebrated through a wide range of activities, whilst also being presented with a centenary book that not only contained records of past events but also commentaries from past students dating as far back as the 1950s about their experiences of being a Reddiford pupil. Elton John (a past Reddiford pupil) also donated a photograph to be included in the centenary book as well as a financial contribution towards a new school minibus. Governors, staff and parents enjoyed a ‘grown ups’ event, the Centenary Ball, held at Moor Park Golf Club. A real treat of an evening was had by all.

Reddiford School-53-18x12v2 - Centenary Ball at Moor Park
The Centenary Ball 2013 at Moor Park Golf Club
1847352-Harrow Observer
Pupils celebrating the Centenary