Year 4 Trip to KidZania

Year 4 Trip to KidZania

Year 4 Trip to KidZania

Year 4 Trip to KidZania

Year 4 Trip to KidZania

June 15, 2022

Year 4 Trip to KidZania

Yr 4 Visit to Kidzania

Wednesday 15th June 2022 

The Year 4 pupils had wonderful day discovering a world of real-life activities. Their experienced ranged from being firefighters to radio DJs, delivery workers to surgeons. They also enjoyed having independence and earning Kidzos.

The children reflected on their day:

‘The Pokemon studios was so much fun! I made a stop and motion animation!’ – Shubham   

‘I really enjoyed the delivery service, as we got to go all around the city delivering. I earned 5 Kidzos for this job!’ – Luke 

‘Being a policewoman for the day made me feel really important. We had to patrol a fire, and cordon off the area with tape.’- Anika 

“Kidzania was like a real city, and we got our very own bank cards! We started off at a spy agency, where we decoded a virus! –  Medhavi 

‘We got to experience our dream jobs! I became a paramedic and went in an ambulance. We had to check if anyone needed surgery – there was a lady who needed a new liver! – Shashmini 

‘I thought it was really clever how they had their own currency – Kidzos, and we could spend them. I really enjoyed it!’- Kishan 

‘This trip showed us what we could do in the future, and make careful decisions about how to earn and spend money. I would rate this trip 10/10! – Keshav

Mrs Shah and Miss Bales

Year 4 form teachers.