Driving to School

All parents and visitors are asked to take care when driving to school and to try and park away from the school entrances in the interest of children’s safety. We also have to consider the local residents and therefore also ask drivers to avoid parking in a way that might restrict access to driveways. It is also important that drivers do not stop on the yellow zig-zag lines that are painted outside the school entrances.

The lines are there to protect the children so the restrictions MUST be observed.

As part of our commitment to safe travel, the local authority have produced a map that identifies ‘walking zones’ and ‘bikeability zones’ around the school. The maps are available here to be printed off. We would strongly encourage you to park outside the ‘five minute walk zone’ in order to reduce congestion around the school in the mornings and at home time. The additional distance also serves to promote health and well-being. Why not challenge yourself further by parking outside the ‘ten minute walk zone’ as often as you can?

Please allow plenty of time to travel to school in order to avoid rushing.

These initiatives are in place to keep our children safe!

Thank you.

Travel Plan: The Primary Objectives of Reddiford School

The primary objectives of Reddiford School’s Travel Plan are to increase the awareness amongst students, parents and staff about the health, environmental and safety benefits of walking and other forms of sustainable and active travel.  We want to reduce traffic congestion around the school and also promote safe and considerate driving and parking for those who do have to travel by car. With the benefit of this we think the children will be healthier and better prepared to participate throughout the school day. There will be fewer cars, less congestion and improved air quality around the school. 

The implementation of our school travel plan aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle and provide initiatives for our children to make a positive contribution. This will work hand in hand with our school curriculum and other initiatives with the aim of providing a healthy and environmentally aware generation for the 21st century.

Travel Document Download Library

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